1st February 2020

AUsome Autism Conference

On March 29th in Cork we will hold our second all-autistic conference. AUsome is leading the way in progressive thinking around Autism and our conference provides a unique opportunity for people to gain a real understanding of what being Autistic is like.

9th September 2019

Believe in Yourself !

Konfident Kidz Classes are back this week.  The ethos of our classes is to build children’s confidence and self esteem through play and drama. We offer a range of classes and courses uniquely designed to help children with self expression,

2nd September 2019

Speech & Drama Classes in Midleton

We’re really excited about starting our Speech & Drama Classes in Midleton Educate Together for our second year running.

Classes take place on Fridays at 1.20 for METNS kids or 1.45 for non-METNS kids in Juniors and Seniors

2.45 for 1st to 3rd children and 4.45 for 7 to 10 years


20th August 2019

A class for kids who lack confidence in social situations

Some of us are born communicators, some enter every new social situation with ease and confidence while others find interactions difficult. Communication is a skill but how we do it also depends on how we feel about ourselves,