25th April 2022
Negative Positive Reinforcement

Negative Positive Reinforcement

On a basic level the principle behind positive reinforcement is to reward good behaviour or learning.

By positively reinforcing an action the idea is that you are teaching a child how to behave.

2nd December 2021
Presuming Competence in Autistic kids

Presuming competence in Autistic children

Presuming competence is a mantra in the Autistic community. Presuming competence means that we presume that the Autistic child or person is just as competent as their peers.

4th November 2021

Why do Autistic kids spin their toys

Why do Autistic kids spin their toys?

An Occupational Therapist recently asked this question: 

How can I get my little clients to stop stimming long enough so they can engage in play and social  interaction