12th March 2021
Social skills books for kids

Social Skills Books for Autistic children

autistic author social skills books
Our Konnect Books Are Being Used In Clinics,
12th March 2021
ausome parents autism conference online march 21st

Ausome Parents Autism Conference

AUsome Training Supporting Parents And Carers

Konfident Kidz  has been supporting parents for years and there are common themes we have noticed.

12th March 2021

Autism and Social Skills

Many, if not all autism and social skills courses lack appreciation for Autistic communication and empathy with Autistic people. Our Get Konnected Autism and Social Skills Course teaches parents,

1st February 2020

AN interview with Melissa Murphy aka Autistic Zebra

I had a chat with Melissa Murphy earlier today . Many of you will know Melissa as blogger “Autistic Zebra”. She talked to me about her upcoming talk at AUsome Conference March 29th in Rochestown Park Hotel.