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2nd September 2019
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1st February 2020
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Believe in Yourself !

Konfident Kidz Classes are back this week.  The ethos of our classes is to build children’s confidence and self esteem through play and drama. We offer a range of classes and courses uniquely designed to help children with self expression, communication, social interaction and self belief.

Our classes are exactly what children need in this fast paced world we live in, and have some very admirable aims: to bring out their talents while having fun and to develop communication skills so that pupils can speak clearly with confidence, poise and ease in any situation.

Konfident Kidz Classes have been running in Cork for over five years, although its founder, Evaleen Whelton ran a drama school previously for almost 15 years. She took her expertise from years of teaching speech & drama to create unique programs using drama as a teaching tool. While most people may associate drama with performance , Evaleen takes a different approach and see the values and opportunities dramatic techniques provide for child development. While some of our classes have informal, low pressure performances as an integral part of them, the performance itself is not the end goal but rather the learnings the children acquire on their journey to the stage.

Evaleen also believes in giving children opportunities to think outside the box and to develop important life skills and the themes of our classes vary from year to year. Last year we focused on the theme “Inclusion” and this year their lessons and materials will concentrate on “Believing in Myself” . An important message for all!


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