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9th September 2019
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1st February 2020
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AUsome Autism Conference

On March 29th in Cork we will hold our second all-autistic conference. AUsome is leading the way in progressive thinking around Autism and our conference provides a unique opportunity for people to gain a real understanding of what being Autistic is like.

Who’s the conference for? 

Simply put AUsome Conference is for EVERYONE who knows or works with an Autistic person. That includes parents, carers, Autistic kids, teens and adults, mental health professionals, GPS, medical professionals, SNA’s, teachers , principals, and therapists.

What will I learn? 

Our speakers not only share some of their own experiences but also share their insights and knowledge on aspects of being Autistic:

Topics include:

Advise to parents

The necessity of Autism

Autistic Identity and masking

Educating The Autistic Learner

Autistic Behaviours


and much more…

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from Autistic People




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