A class for kids who lack confidence in social situations

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A class for kids who lack confidence in social situations

Some of us are born communicators, some enter every new social situation with ease and confidence while others find interactions difficult. Communication is a skill but how we do it also depends on how we feel about ourselves, our emotional state and our previous experiences. How we communicate with ourselves is just as import as how we communicate with others.

Having been a child (and adult) who often felt “small” in social situations, like my presence wasn’t wanted or that I was somehow less important than the others taking part, I decided to help children who felt just like me and I developed a nurturing program Klub@Konfidentkidz. It is a course that focuses on developing communication skills in a respectful and non-threatening way while also building confidence and self esteem. Sometimes just sharing a class with others who are like us can help us feel accepted and teach us that we are not the only ones who find social interactions difficult sometimes.

If a child is a good communicator at home but not in school or other outside settings then we need to look at the environment and give children insights on how to feel more comfortable to be themselves in these environments.

Klub@Konfidentkidz is a 12 week program to help children be more confident in themselves and to know that what they have to say or to contribute is just as important as everyone else.

It’s for 8 to 12 years and we are currently running it in Midleton on Friday afternoons, Ballinlough on Thursdays and in Ballincollig on Saturdays.







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