27th June 2022

My Autistic Child has no Friends. What Can I do?

My Autistic Child has no Friends. What Can I do?


This is such a difficult experience as a parent. All you want is to help your child to be their happiest self.

3rd June 2022
My Child has been Diagnosed with Autism now what?

My child has been diagnosed with autism, now what?

My child has been diagnosed with autism, now what?

A question often asked. Hurray you have just found out that your child is Autistic!  This means they they are apart of a beautiful community and have a unique perspective on the world.

28th April 2022

15 reasons why we don’t teach Neuro-normative social skills

‘Teaching an Autistic child is just the same as teaching any child social skills. We all need social skills to make friends, form relationships and get interviews and jobs later in life.’

Let’s break down what’s problematic with this statement –

25th April 2022
Negative Positive Reinforcement

Negative Positive Reinforcement

On a basic level the principle behind positive reinforcement is to reward good behaviour or learning.

By positively reinforcing an action the idea is that you are teaching a child how to behave.