25th April 2022
Negative Positive Reinforcement

Negative Positive Reinforcement

On a basic level the principle behind positive reinforcement is to reward good behaviour or learning.

By positively reinforcing an action the idea is that you are teaching a child how to behave.

4th April 2022

Explaining Neurodiversity to children and teens

Neurodiversity includes every single person in the world. We all need each other and we are all just as important as each other and if people don’t know that or act like that then maybe they have just forgotten this important fact.

14th March 2022

Autism and Behaviours- why are we not looking at people pleasing in Autistic kids?

So, what is people pleasing? 

Simply put, people pleasing is putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Now, of course part of being human and co-existing with others means that we all do this from time to time.

13th February 2022
social skills for kids: 6 Myths about Neurodivergent children

6 Myths about Neurodivergent children

Here are 6 Myths about Neurodivergent children. There are far too many to mention but we’ve put our top 6 together here for you.