Social Skills Books for Autistic children

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Social Skills Books for Autistic children

Social skills books for kids
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Our Konnect Books Are Being Used In Clinics, Schools And Homes Across The World…

Our Konnect books are being used in clinics, schools and homes across the world as an incredibly empowering and supportive resource for Autistic children.

And here’s why…

5 reasons why Evaleen created these resources for Autistic children

Evaleen was diagnosed as Autistic as an adult and her very first impulse was to create resources for children who were just like her. She had taught children for 20 years so she knew she could put something really special together.

She wanted to save them from all the bad experiences she had experienced. She created them not only as a teaching resource for Autistic children but as a way to keep them safe in this world where not everyone is well meaning.

She had a look at the other social skills programs and resources on offer and was really disheartened to see that these courses and books were telling Autistic children that their way of being was wrong.

She was incredibly sad that existing resources just wanted to teach Autistic children how to be non-autistic. But then of course she realised that they had been created by people who had absolutely no idea what it’s like to be Autistic.

She set about creating resources that were positive for Autistic children , for their mental health and their self esteem.

She certainly did not want to encourage children to hide who they are or to tell them not to be proud of their Autisticity. She wanted to create something as unique as the children she was creating them for.

In creating the Konnect books for children and those who love them Evaleen also created something that helped to heal her inner child, the child who longed to be understood and accepted.

She knew that by creating these resources for Autistic kids she could give children a way to interpret whether someone is being friendly or taking advantage of you. She knew that children who used her books would read people’s intentions better than those who are trained to perform in non-autistic ways.

She also knew that these children would be safe and would teach people about their boundaries instead of being trained to only respect the boundaries of others.

She knew that these books would help to build understanding and acceptance between the children and the adults who used them.

These are the books that Autistic children deserve

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