Social Skills Classes for Autistic Children

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“Social Skills” is a buzz word we have to use so that you will find us in a search. What we teach in this class is in fact communication or what we like to call “non-autistic language”. It is the ONLY course of its kind. The idea that Autistic children and adults lack social skills was an inaccurate one. Current research shows that Autistic people have a social communication unique to us. Just like non-autistic people do. Our skills are not faulty or deficient but are just different to the majority of typical people.

“Konnect Program has been phenomenal for Jack .
It has done so much for him in regards self esteem  and confidence, keep up the good work.” (Jack age 11)

Our social skills classes online for Autistic children do not approach teaching non-autistic social skills as the gold standard. Instead we give children and young people opportunities to explore their own communication, make new friends and learn how to advocate for themselves and to interpret non-autistic language and culture.

Class Pricing

250per 12 week course

Next Program starts Jan 2022

What makes our social skills course unique?

It has been designed by Evaleen, founder of Konfident Kidz. Evaleen is Autistic and has developed this course to teach children a language used by non-autistic people.

  • Evaleen designed this course based on her own experience of growing up, she has included what she feels will help children best to understand and respond to other people around them. 
  • Evaleen is also very much involved in the Autistic Community and has found much of her experience in growing up is reflected in other adults in the community.
  • The course is not just for the kids either! We’ll be sending parents and guardians some work to do also! We recognise how important a good social environment is for children and teens so we’ll provide you with resources that you can use at home, with extended family and schools. That way the people around your child have a better understanding of Autistic communication. read more here
  • This course respects the different ways Autistic children communicate.
  • This course respects the different learning systems that children have.
  • This autism course for kids is designed so that children have fun while they are learning in a way that suits them.
  • It is taught through movement, discussion and practice and activity so your child won’t be sitting at the screen for 40 mins. 

Now Enrolling for January 2022

Class Schedule GMT

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Wed3:30pm4:15pm 5pm

Class Schedule AET

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Fri6:00 PM5:00 PM
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Class Schedule PST

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Sat7.00 AM8.00 AM9:00 AM9.45 AM

Want to know more?

You’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here . But if you still have a query please just email us and we’ll get back to you asap!

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What kind of things do we teach

What we teach kids and teens :

  • Understanding different communication styles
  • How to self-advocate
  • Standing up for myself
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • Working Together
  • Figurative use of language
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing Good Friendships not just friendships
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Non-Verbal Communication

What we teach parents :

  • Tips on improving communication with your child for parents, family and schools
  • What is Stimming
  • Myths around Autistic social skills
  • Assisting your child to be themselves
  • Resources for siblings
  • Resources for your child’s school
  • Supporting healthy boundaries
  • Presuming competence/ giving responsibility
  • Supporting your child to embrace their Autistic Identity

Here is what parents are saying about our Konnect Program

Our Konnect Program has been running in Cork since 2015 and it has received great feedback. We are now running these autism social skills classes online through zoom to Autistic kids and teens all over the world. (well english speaking countries so far but we’re working on that too!)

We had never signed Matthew up for any class or group previously and a friend recommended Konfident Kidz Konnect Communication Course for children on the spectrum. We were delighted that from the very first day Matthew showed great enthusiasm for it, loved the fact that he had some new friends that he would see each week at class and enjoyed interacting with his teacher and peers. Matthew would not have been confident socially but since joining we have noticed a new self confidence in him when interacting with peers, family and even socially with strangers. We do feel that aspects of the Course such as Reading Social Cues, Facial Expressions, and Expres-sive/Figurative Language all helped Matthew to unlock his potential and it's a testament to the class and teachers and students that Matthew kept signing up for a new class when the previous one fin-ished! We'd happily recommend this to any child on the spectrum who needs a little help with their communication skills.

Matthew, age 7

He's opening up more, talking about his feelings. He now tells us stories from school and elaborates on his school day.

Mohammad, 8

His resource teacher found the handouts really useful.

Ryan, 6

She turned into a chatterbox since starting the program.

Alice, 12

His teachers have even commented on the change in him. He is volunteering more information in school.

Mark, 5 1/2

How it works:

Book your child’s place and we will send you a link to join the class on zoom closer to the start date. We will also be in contact for more info about your child so that we can get to know them a little before class starts.

We’ll send a video link from our teachers so that your child will know who and what to expect from class in advance.

Please read this before signing up

Children learn non-autistic communication or language directly from our teachers, not from the children in the class. Pupils learn together and practise with one another. It’s important to us that every child is respected for their input in this experience. It has saddened us greatly in the past when parents removed children from our classes after one day because they felt the other children were not suitable learning companions. We do ask that our methods, group structures and children are respected by everyone, at all times. We have seen many beautiful friendships blossom between children in our classes, this is a wonderful thing!

**** The onus cannot always be on the Autistic child or adult to learn non-autistic language and culture. We also run a course for parents and professionals who would like to learn more about their children’s way of communicating.

What happens if my child doesn’t take to the class?
We give everyone 2 weeks to see if they like the class. If not we offer a refund for remainder of term less €15 admin fee.