Parents Konnect Program

Welcome to Konnect Community


As part of our program we have added these extra resources for parents and guardians so that your child is fully supported in their learning journey with us at Konfident Kidz.

As you know we are Autistic-led which means that we are very proud of our Autistic Culture , our way of thinking and way of communicating. We know that our culture is not always understood by others and this can cause difficulties in the lives of young Autistic people.

Our social program is called Konnect because we understand the importance of connection in everyone’s lives and often miscommunication can interrupt those connections and relationships.

We are here to support you and your child on your journey. We can really only communicate effectively if there is a shared understanding and our resources will support you to understand your child’s way of communicating.

Every week we will send you resources which you can implement at home and share with school, extended family and friends so that your child’s social world will be able to adapt to and understand their communication.

We know that you may have a preference for how these resources are communicated with you and also that you are a busy parent. For these reasons we will send you a pdf along with a video link so that you can read, listen to or watch the video.

Some parents have yet to broach the fact with your child that they are Autistic and we are here to support you in that also.

Here’s what we will support you with as part of our Konnect Program

Week 1  Tips on improving communication with your child for parents, family and schools.

Week 2  Understanding Non-verbal communication focusing on stimming. We will also send you a version that you can share with your child’s school (if they attend).

Week 3 Myths around Autistic social skills

Week 4 Resources for your extended family

Week 5 Masking: what it is and signs to look out for. Ways you can assist your child to be themselves. 

Week 6 Understanding Autistic Communication: more tips for you!

Week 7  Resources for your school on inclusion 

Week 8 Autistic Communication:Direct communicators

Week 9 Resources for siblings

Week 10 The Importance of Boundaries

Week 11 Presuming competence/ giving responsibility

Week 12 Telling your child they are Autistic. This may not be relevant for you if you have already explained this to your child but even if you have you may find it helpful to hear what we have to say.  We don’t tell children they are Autistic in our classes because it’s not our place to do so but it may happen that a classmate talks about it and it can open a discussion. Open discussions are a great way to remove stigma and to normalise being Autistic and to give children who are aware they are Autistic the space to share with their classmates. If this happens in class we would like to offer you some support so we’ve put some pointers together for you in case you wish to explore it with your child or to save them for a later date.


To book into our course you just need to sign your child up to one of the online classes here