FAQ about classes

  1. Does my child need a diagnosis to take enrol for class?  No. We are open to all children who would benefit from our online social spaces.
  2. How long is the program? Children sign up for an initial 12 weeks. Some children and teens find they learn enough in that time while others return for a consecutive term or they may return at a later date. The wonderful thing about our course is that it’s flexible. It’s not a fixed or prescribed course that’s the same each time. We tried that and our teachers found that it actually benefitted the classes more when we made our program more flexible. This means that our teachers can tailor the content of the course to suit the needs of each new group. It also means that if a child returns for more than one term that the course will not be repetitive for them.
  3. When are the terms? Our terms run from Sept to Dec, Jan to March, March to June and June to September.
  4. How long is the term?  It’s 12 weeks.
  5. Do you use any ABA or behavioural approaches? Absolutely not! We are 100% opposed to anything that is damaging to Autistic children, teens or adults!
  6. How do we access the classes? Once you sign up we’ll be in touch with you and we’ll send on the zoom link for your child to join each session. It will be the same link each week.
  7. Doesn’t social skills training encourage masking? Yes it does and that’s why our course is not social skills training or imposing non-autistic goals on Autistic pupils. We support Autistic young people to be themselves, learn about their own way of communicating and to interpret non-autistic people. We also provide parents with resources so that you can work on changing the social environment at home, school and with friends and family.
  8. What language are the classes in? For now they’re all in English but we’re working on adding more languages in 2022
  9. Can my child attend from (insert country here!)? Yes! As long as there’s a time to suit you then your child is welcome.
  10. Are the classes for high functioning kids? Functioning labels are not used in the Autistic community and we don’t use them at Konfident Kidz because we are Autistic run. We realise that functioning labels are useless, misleading, degrading and inaccurate and we see the value in everyone.
  11. Do you have a curriculum? Our Konnect Social Program is very flexible. We realised early on that if we had a prescribed curriculum then we would not be able to meet the varying needs of our pupils. Our child and teen program is designed so that our teachers can structure their lesson plans to suit each group of children they meet. It also means that we can address issues that may arise from discussions in class like standing up for ourselves, bullying, knowing who is a good friend and so on. This way we can offer individualised support to each child while also providing the interaction of being in a group.
  12. I’m not sure that my child will like it.  Do you offer a trial class? Students can try out by attending class for two weeks. If they feel this class is not suitable we can then transfer the fee to a different class or give a refund for the remainder of term less €15 Admin fee. If your child feels it’s not their thing then please do let us know asap. You do need to book your child into the class so that they can avail of this. Read Refund Policy
  13. Can you provide an invoice for NDIS for Australian customers? Yes, absolutely!
  14. My child might not be able to engage for 40 minutes, does this matter? Our 40 minute sessions incorporate movement, discussion and active tasks so they won’t be sitting at the screen for 40 minutes.