Autism, Social Anxiety and Masking Webinar

Social Anxiety effects most Autistic people, whether it’s the child who refuses to go to school or the adult who cannot leave their house.

During this webinar we will explore social anxiety and its causes, the impact social anxiety has on our communication and interactions with other people and ways we can overcome it.

We will also look at masking as a stress response to survive in an unaccepting world and share our own experiences with masking from an early age and de-masking as adults

This webinar would be highly beneficial to :

Parents of Autistic children who  find going new places difficult, find it difficult to leave their safe space or safe people, display situational mutism as a result of social anxiety, refuse to go to school or who lack confidence with their peers.

Professionals who work with Autistic children, teens and adults such as teachers, SNA’s, therapists, social care workers, mental health professionals.

Autistic people who would like to learn more about how the social environment impacts us, and ways to reconnect with your true self.

Join us on Thurs July 2nd 7pm to 9.30pm

Webinar fee is €20 including slides, certificate of attendance and a recording.  Even if you can’t make the live webinar, sign up and watch it in our own time, at your own convenience.

Three Autistic Speakers :

Evaleen Whelton from AUsome Ireland and Konfident Kidz who will discuss the impact social anxiety and masking has had on her own life and the work she does now to educate people on creating a better social environment for Autistic children and adults.

Eoin Stephens is a psychotherapist who will offer his insights both as a professional and as a late diagnosed Autistic person.

Stiof MacAmhalghaidh will look at the impact the social environment has on the Autistic child and how that impacts us throughout our lifetime.