Read what some of our pupils have to say

Nathan's Mum

My son loves attending the Konnect classes and always asks to sign up for the next block. We wanted to provide him with the skills to be confident in communicating with others  and to be able to understand “traditional” communication. For us, it is very important that any support he receives is respectful of the autistic identity, fosters self esteem and provides him with a tools for real world scenarios. We believe this to be central to the Konnect classes.” Nathan age 8

jack's mum

Konnect Program has been phenomenal for Jack . It has done so much for him in regards self esteem  and confidence, keep up the good work.” (Jack age 11)

Jakob's mum

Jakob, 10 loves his chats each week with Orla and his new friends. It's great to have a space where he can choose how much he wants to participate and always feel included"

Neralie Wearn

This course has been amazing! Our son looks forward to it each week, it's teaching him life skills in an environment where he's not made to feel like there's 'something wrong' with who he is. Exactly what I've searched for as a parent. The mental health of our neurodivergent kids is so incredibly important ... thank you for protecting this, whilst helping him understand the world around him ... and thank you for teaching me to be a better person too

Dr. Catherine Crompton


“The Konnect series are the first activity books to help neurodiverse young people embrace and harness their individual ways of communicating. The activities allow children to find their own ways to express themselves, and learn more about themselves and others. They support children to develop the skills to communicate what they think and how they feel in diverse ways. They encourage children to build confidence and relationships in a way that works with them, using their diverse strengths. It’s so important to have materials created by neurodivergent members of the community, and Evaleen has combined her experiences as an autistic person with her expertise in speech and drama to create truly unique and valuable resources.”

Melissa Murphy

I did the Get Konnected workshop yesterday and have to say it’s hands down the best autism course I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken quite a few. In fact it’s the only one I’d actually recommend. Fantastic!

Paul Keane


Clear, concise and fun session from an excellent speaker who gives practical advice and experience. Cant rate highly enough

Alan Quinn


I did the course while I was looking for work as a newly qualified SNA. I got the job at the interview I did right afterwards. They were really impressed by my knowledge and understanding. This was all down to the way the course is delivered in easy, digestible bits and simple language and how it delivers the very latest developments in understanding autism.  I was so delighted I did the course as it benefited me in so many ways


Fantastic Day, I came away rethinking my son's diagnosis. Instead of thinking he had a life sentence I now see he has a whole beautiful world ahead of him as part of this amazing community

Claire Desmond

Founder Jack and Friends

This course runs throughout Ireland and comes highly recommended by us here at Jack & Friends for families,parents and professionals. It's honest, insightful, fun and engaging and a wake up call to those who may have difficulty seeing beyond a child's diagnosis.

Grainne Warren, Play Therapist

Delighted I attended this training which was delivered by such a passionate facilitator. It really opened my eyes and gave me an important insight into what it is like for an autistic person living in a non autistic environment! Wouldn’t it be fab if something like this could be ran in schools around the country to help and support staff with autistic students.. Well done Evaleen

Roisin Forde

Abbie loved getting her certs. We have them hanging on her wall at home, just lovely!

Joanne Browne

I loved the theme of Acceptance and the script they wrote around bullying. Great lessons!

Charlene Roche

The girls love the class. Konfident Kidz really encourage them and they are full of enthusiasm.

Samantha Wilkenson

The energy is brilliant, something new each week. The end of year production was a credit to all involved.

Deirdre Healy

So glad we found Konfident Kidz. My kids love it and have grown in confidence, it's unreal. My little fella in particular, he would be clung to me usually and now he just runs in every week. They just love it and the teachers are brilliant with them

Eimear Shannon

We tried a few places before we found Konfident Kidz. The difference is amazing. They really focus on each child and encourage them so much. My little girl would be lost in the crowd but here she is given centre stage. A really unique approach to teaching and to developing the kid's talents.

Claire O' Malley

I can't recommend enough. My daughter has been with Evaleen since she was in juniors. She has grown into a confident performer and can interact with adults and peers alike. I love their encouraging approach and that every child is treated equally. Just wonderful.

Imelda Walshe

My little guy loves it. He came on so much only after a few weeks. The teachers are brilliant with him. He bounces in the door every week. Konfident Kidz day is his favourite day of the week!


Speech & Language Therapist

It was great to get some new perspective. Fantastic to have training designed by an autistic person.

Sara Cronin Walshe

Secondary Teacher

I loved all the activities. I can't wait to use them at school. Your ideas and practical advice were really helpful.

Jeni Lutrell


I have done many night courses on autism but I never understood it until you explained it today. I'm thrilled I did it, I know I have so much now to offer in my role as SNA. Great energy and a fun day.

Sean O"Meara


A fantastic course, not the usual theory and so much practical advice. You made it so accessible and easy to understand. I came away with a whole new outlook and better understanding

Kate Madden

Primary Teacher

Wonderful to have training delivered by an autistic person. Evaleen's enthusiasm and positivity are infectious. As a teacher I feel much more equipped to support all the pupils. So much to take in! A great day!

Fabienne O'Riordan

This course is an absolute MUST for any parent with a kid(s) with autism .. not only did it open my eyes/mind on what neuro-diversity is REALLY all about but also helped me better understand the different/ awesome way the autistic mind thinks and how the autistic heart truly feels ... it genuinely taught me acceptance and empowered me to realize I AM the best therapist my kid can have .. This course provides you with unique insights, techniques and strategies to help you help your child learn how to communicate effectively: understand the rules of dialogue, the complexity of our language (verbal and non-verbal) and how to interpret body language, facial expressions, tone, pitch etc .. I could not recommend enough ! A truly powerful course with powerful tools!

Jacky Lorimer

With my sons diagnosis 7 months earlier I felt lost with all the information out there. I saw the Konfident kids course and gave it a try. Best decision ever. Evaleen and the other facilitators at the course were amazing and provided the information in a friendly, relatable and understandable way. I learnt more in 20 minutes there than in all my previous research. I am also happy to say that with putting the activities into play at home, my son is coping much better and we all know what to look out for and how to help him. Highly recommended.

Ryan, Age 6

His resource teacher found the handouts really useful.

Mark, 5 1/2

His teachers have even commented on the change in him. He is volunteering more information in school.

Alice, Age 12

She turned into a chatterbox since starting the program.

Mohammad - Age 8

He's opening up more, talking about his feelings. He now tells us stories from school & elaborates on his school day.

Alma Dineen

Absolutely fantastic teachers. My kids love every saturday. Can't recommend enough!

Karen O’Mahony, Rainbow Club for kids with ASD.

develop communication and build confidence.

Pippa O’Sullivan (Lily, age 5)

Her confidence and courage have grown so much!

Pat Kelly (Alice, age 12)

turned into a chatterbox since she started the class!

Rose O'Connor (Matthew, age 7)

We had never signed Matthew up for any class or group previously and a friend recommended Konfident Kidz Konnect Communication Course for children on the spectrum. We were delighted that from the very first day Matthew showed great enthusiasm for it, loved the fact that he had some new friends that he would see each week at class and enjoyed interacting with his teacher and peers. Matthew would not have been confident socially but since joining we have noticed a new self confidence in him when interacting with peers, family and even socially with strangers. We do feel that aspects of the Course such as Reading Social Cues, Facial Expressions, and Expressive/ Figurative Language all helped Matthew to unlock his potential and it's a testament to the class and teachers and students that Matthew kept signing up for a new class when the previous one finished! We'd happily recommend this to any child on the spectrum who needs a little help with their communication skills.

Veronique Oudard (age 11)

Really enjoying the acting class, especially the really modern approach, involved in the making of the play as well as the acting. And they're having a lot of fun doing it!

Louise Russell (age 9)

Express yourself, have fun and make new friends! look forward to it every week!

Rachel Feeney

Spent 11 years at Dramatricks

Dramatricks is an open, positive and overall fun place to commence your child's journey in Speech and Drama. The incredible confidence of the teachers naturally influence your performance as a student and your self-esteem in everyday life. I personally felt that I received great individual attention throughout my 11 years there and was nurtured to develop a real passion for drama and the performing arts which will stay with me forever. My time there formed the basis of my communication and presentation skills as emphasis is placed on a student's articulation and successful execution of opinions. Many outlets for my newfound skills were available to me such as Feis Matieu competitions and grade exams in London colleges. A wonderful experience to be sure which has played a huge role in shaping me into who I am today.

Jude Donegan, age 14

When I joined Dramatricks at age 6 I was extremely fortunate to find a fun and safe environment to explore and develop my interest in drama under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers. Dramatricks has provided me with the skills and self confidence required to perform on stage and in competitions. I have taken part in numerous competitions such as Feis Mathew (Cork), attended several auditions for film and stage and performed on stage in the Cork Arts Theatre. With the support and encouragement of Dramtricks I have successfully reached Grade 5 Speech & Drama, The London College of Music (University of West London) and, with the guidance and encouragement of Evaleen Whelton, continue to study towards a Teaching level Qualification.