Autism & Communication

Insights and Practical Strategies for
Communicating with Autistic People

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Where? Inisfallen Suite, Killarney Convention Centre
When? Tuesday 23nd May from 7 to 9pm
How much? €20, 2 for €35 or any multiples over that €17.50 each

Excellent, very informative and interesting. Hearing about autism from a first hand experience was very helpful and helped develop my understanding. Very happy & found it very beneficial.


Communication is a two way process, in order for people with ASD to navigate the social world then others must learn their language too!

Brian Irwin

Brian Irwin was diagnosed with autism at 22, Brian has experienced life with and without the perspective of being autistic, and he drastically prefers autism. Trained self-advocate with, Honours graduate of UCC, and dedicated to shouting at crowds in the name of inclusive understanding!

Evaleen Whelton

Evaleen Whelton is the creator of the Konnect Social Skills Program for kids with ASD and founder of Konfident Kidz. She will offer insights into understanding the way people with ASD communicate and practical strategies to enhance communication.


  • Social Imagination
  • Body Language/ Non-verbal communication
  • Vocal Communication
  • Routines and Patterns
  • Special Interests
  • Perspective and Context
  • Followed by Q & A

Both speakers were excellent and provided great insight into the world of a person with autism.

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I came away with a lot of knowledge and great tips.

Insightful. I learnt a lot.