Autism and Stimming Live Webinar

Stimming is very much a human response to the environment. Autistics however take it to a whole new level and have a mastery of the art of stimming that is little understood by others.

The common thinking among non-autistic professionals is that stimming is a repetitive action for self stimulating or calming. However, Stimming is far more than that and is an integral part of the Autistic way of being, communicating, learning, thinking and existing.

Join us on Wed 6th May 7 to 8.30pm for a live webinar on Stimming. Learn about non-verbal communication and the many functions behind stims.

Autistic Speakers are Evaleen Whelton from AUsome Ireland and Konfident Kidz and Stiof MacAmhalghaidh , from Infinite Diversity and the creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living.

Tickets €10 on sale until 6pm Wed 6th May