Timely Assessments for ADHD and Autism

 From age 6 to Adult

Waiting lists for autism and/or ADHD assessments are really long. Even worse, a lot of private assessments can be out of the financial reach of most people. Until Now!

The diagnostic process is often so long, so expensive, so complex – that people can feel overwhelmed and give up.

Neurodiversity Training International and RTN Mental Health Solutions have launched a diagnostic assessment that is both fast turnaround, and affordable.

All the assessments completed by RTN adhere to the NICE Guidelines, and are completed by Chartered Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and a Psychiatrist who are members of the British Psychology Society (BPS), and recognised by the NHS.

RTN assessments are currently only accepted in UK and Ireland.

At the end, you will receive a comprehensive report (up to 25 pages long), outlining all the information that your school and healthcare providers will need.

The assessments can also be paid by instalments after the initial deposit is paid.

All these links have the information you need to make an informed choice – also, when you register at one of these links – a commission goes to our project to help us grow, flourish, and keep doing the work we are doing.

*Konfident Kidz does not carry out assessments, we are affiliated with NTI and RTN