Effective communication through drama

This is a communications class for 13 to 16 year olds with Aspergers and on the spectrum .

This class teaches the elements of effective communication. We use drama games, role play, art and games specially designed by Konfident Kidz to give teens the tools to cope better in social situations.

This class focuses on enhancing your communicative abilities & skills. At Konfident Kidz we understand that brains are programmed differently and that kids can easily learn elements that come naturally to people who have differently programmed brains. This class just explains to them how to express themselves and their feelings, wants and needs in a way that everyone should understand.

We teach each topic in various CONTEXTS and employ some of Peter Vermeulen’s methods. Kids would need good language skills for this class.

You may notice that we leave out the word "disorder" in all of our descriptions, that is because we don't like the word "disorder", we appreciate that people’s brains are wired differently and that’s it! We just want everyone who enters our classes to leave a more confident, happy and self assured kid.

This is a 25 week course.

45 minutes
8 children

What will be covered

  • Coping with Social Mistakes
  • Conversation Starters
  • Continuing Conversation
  • Listening Skills
  • New Situations
  • What to Share
  • Showing Interest in Others
  • Emotions
  • The Voice and how we use it
  • Teamwork
  • Literal Language
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Class Pricing


  • Term 1 - €250
  • Term 2 - €250
  • 10% discount for the second and each subsequent child from the same family
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2016 / 2017 Teen Konnect Class Timetable

SaturdayGlanmire1pm5 - 10 years
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