Be a more confident communicator

Our Klub is a wonderful place for kids who find it hard to make friends or maybe to understand others, maintain friendships or who find social situations stressful or difficult. This experience focuses on building children’s confidence and social skills. We run this club on Saturdays in Ballincollig 4pm to 5pm.

While we do touch on communication skills in our speech and drama classes (as communicating is a natural part of performance) we cannot study it in depth. Instead we have designed a course dealing with the specific topics of communication outlined below based on my own research, experience and expertise of teaching and dealing with children.

Learning life skills through drama. There is no other class like this.

This program was designed through years of experience, careful research and insight into difficulties some children have when communicating. It is the ONLY program of its kind and was exclusively developed by Konfident Kidz. This class is packed with confidence-building feel good activities. We develop social skills, communication skills, critical thinking, social and emotional learning through games, fun and drama.

The class also gives children the skills and confidence to present themselves in front of others.

At Konfident Kidz we like to develop self assured speakers with good listening skills!

Kids can learn how to navigate social situations in a fun, safe classroom environment with compassionate teachers

Kids are coached in effective communication.

Handouts are provided as part of the course so that parents can play an integral part in the learning process

Building social skills leads to better confidence in social situations and can decrease some of the social anxiety

1 hour
10 children

What will be covered

  • What is communication?
  • Best ways to communicate effectively
  • Using emphasis, tone & expression affects the way we are understood
  • Expressing our thoughts, feelings, needs and wants in a clear way
  • Choosing the right words to get our point across
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Understanding what others mean
  • The art of conversation

Class Pricing

145per term

12 Week Term Duration

  • 10% discount off this class or any of our other classes for the second and each subsequent child from the same family
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What happens if my child doesn't take to the class?
We give everyone 2 weeks to see if they like the class. If not we offer a refund for remainder of term less €15 admin fee.

Saturdays in Ballincollig 4pm to 5pm