New About

Let us tell you about ourselves!!!

Our company

Konfident Kidz was launched in 2014 by Evaleen Whelton, shortly after she found out she was Autistic.

Evaleen, a speech and drama teacher for 20 years has developed programs which use drama as a teaching tool to facilitate learning for Autistic children, their families, friends and schools.

Our Mission

Our mission is very clear – to improve children’s self-esteem and build confidence.

We focus on developing the individual and concentrate on nourishing the unique skills and talents of each pupil while helping them to navigate their social world safely and with confidence.

Our Passion

We absolutely adore working with kids and young adults, we love their honestly and enthusiasm.

We take great delight in seeing every single child grow in confidence and reach their full potential.

Konfident Kidz is the result of  20 years experience working with children. Parents have often commented on my patience with children. I don’t see it as patience but acceptance and respect.

It is my ambition to instil confidence and develop self esteem in all of our pupils through active participation in our programs.  I am delighted to share my ideas and work with parents and professionals worldwide with my autistic-led training. Every child is unique and has their own talents and capabilities which we love to nourish and enhance through our  programs.

We now offer a range of classes and courses uniquely designed to help children with self expression, communication, social interaction and self belief.

At Konfident Kidz we really love to encourage talent & the individuality to shine!

What we want to achieve with your child

Bring out his talents while having fun

Help her to communicate clearly with poise, confidence & ease

Help him to understand others & make new friends

Help them to believe in their own ideas & thoughts & how to articulate them well

Encourage them to realise their potential

Help her to organise her thoughts to lead to effective problem solving & planning

Work as a valuable part of a team

Help him to have a successful social life