Autism & Anxiety Talk

A talk in Jack & Friends Centre, Bandon, Tues 28th April  7pm  to 8.30pm.

All proceeds from this talk will go to Jack & Friends Centre.

Autism and Anxiety is a very informative talk by Evaleen Whelton, Founder of Konfident Kidz and AUsome Ireland.

Unfortunately, Autism and Anxiety often go hand in hand. Some people think we should teach Autistic people who to cope with their anxiety, however Evaleen believes that understanding the root causes and eliminating them, or at least reducing them,  is a far better and healthier option for Autistic Children and Adults. It is also more sustainable and a much needed part of Autism Acceptance.

The talk will cover:

How to spot early signs of anxiety

Causes of anxiety and what we need to do to prevent that.

You will also hear current research into trauma and how this can have negative effects on the Autistic person.

Tickets are €12

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