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Feis Maitiú 2018 Entry Closing Date

We know we’re all getting busy for our Christmas Show but a quick reminder that the closing date for Feis Maitiu entries is almost upon us!
Feis takes places in Feb to April 2018.
Deadline: 9th Dec for Paper Entries and 15th Dec for online entries.

Once again, we encourage all our pupils to participate in Cork’s Feis Maitiu competition. Konfident Kidz have a long history of performance at this competition, and love to see our pupils get an extra opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

In Speech & Drama Classes children can prepare for Verse Speaking Competitions. In our Musical Theatre can prepare one piece for Feis.

If they are interested in entering a monologue, sight reading, prose competition or a duologue in addition to this then they can do this by joining our performance classes in Bishopstown 2.30 or 3.30 on Wednesdays (Performance Class commences Wed 10th Jan and runs for 10 weeks, cost €80 per child).

Book Performance Class Visit Feis Maitiu Website

Please let your child’s teacher know if they will be entering the Feis by 24th November so that they can give you the correct <b>CLASS NUMBER</b> to enter your child under.

Parents then need to complete the form and either drop to Feis Office with fee or enter online on

Teachers do NOT collect fees for Feis.