The Theory of Stim

This course is for Parents & Professionals

Venue: Clayton Hotel Siver Springs, Cork
Date: Wed 14th Nov 2018
Time: 7-9pm
Price: €15 per person

Stimming is something we all know about, yet which has received little serious analysis to categorise stim types, purposes and potential.
Autistic stims are perhaps the best example of the characteristic Autistic capacity to self-teach skills, and they show a surprising degree of similarity around the world.
There is something fundamental and universal happening here, and it is something we need to explore and understand better.
I will discuss stimming in terms of form, function and context with a view to better understanding what Autistics are doing and why, and how we can perhaps develop a fuller ‘theory of stim’.
This will include my concept of the ‘stimming metronome’ and the value of patterning the environment.

Speaker : Stiof MacAmhalghaidh (Maqqi)

Stiof grew up in a neurodiverse family, self-identified as Autistic in 1980, and received a clinical confirmation in 1998.
They have supported neurodiverse students for many years at secondary and third level, mostly assisting Autistic, Dyslexic & ADD students.
Online, they have worked as a leader with Autistic Union since 2014, and offline are involved in Autistic-led organisations at national and international level.
Stiof has written and spoken widely on a range of Autistic topics. They believe stimming is central to understanding the Autistic mode of being.

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