Autism Classes Available at Konfident Kidz

Through carefully created programmes and classes we help all kids build their confidence and feel good about themselves.

Learning through drama and role-play helps with social interactions, making friends and reduces anxiety. It is the perfect medium to teach kids about the complex world we live in.

We have devised 3 different programmes to meet differing child needs. All classes are divided by age 5-8 and 8-12 and the new teen programme for 13 to 16 year olds.

You know your child’s ability best so if you’re unsure of which class may suit them then please just drop us a line at ei.zd1542269333iktne1542269333difno1542269333k@ofn1542269333i1542269333.

Why our programmes work?

  • We see your child’s amazing ABILITIES
  • We understand every child with ASD is different
  • We adapt our approach so every child benefits
  • Experienced in providing tailored programs for kids with ASD or Aspergers
  • Staff fully trained in working with kids with Autism.