Read what some of our pupils have to say

Fabienne O'Riordan

This course is an absolute MUST for any parent with a kid(s) with autism .. not only did it open my eyes/mind on what neuro-diversity is REALLY all about but also helped me better understand the different/ awesome way the autistic mind thinks and how the autistic heart truly feels ... it genuinely taught me acceptance and empowered me to realize I AM the best therapist my kid can have .. This course provides you with unique insights, techniques and strategies to help you help your child learn how to communicate effectively: understand the rules of dialogue, the complexity of our language (verbal and non-verbal) and how to interpret body language, facial expressions, tone, pitch etc .. I could not recommend enough ! A truly powerful course with powerful tools!

Jacky Lorimer

With my sons diagnosis 7 months earlier I felt lost with all the information out there. I saw the Konfident kids course and gave it a try. Best decision ever. Evaleen and the other facilitators at the course were amazing and provided the information in a friendly, relatable and understandable way. I learnt more in 20 minutes there than in all my previous research. I am also happy to say that with putting the activities into play at home, my son is coping much better and we all know what to look out for and how to help him. Highly recommended.

Ryan, Age 6

His resource teacher found the handouts really useful.

Mark, 5 1/2

His teachers have even commented on the change in him. He is volunteering more information in school.

Alice, Age 12

She turned into a chatterbox since starting the program.

Mohammad - Age 8

He's opening up more, talking about his feelings. He now tells us stories from school & elaborates on his school day.

Deirdre Kearns

Emily 5, Adam 8, Rebecca 10

...helped to develop their confidence...will benefit them for many years to come.

June Donegan

aged 15, pupil for 9 years

Konfident Kidz doesn't just build your confidence on stage but in real life as well.

Ellen Quirke


Working at Konfident Kidz is so different to stage schools. Every opinion is taken on board, every voice is listened to, no matter how small the person, how small the voice, every voice is listened to.  Giving children the chance to get up on stage and have their moment is important but what supersedes that at Konfident Kidz is the journey every child takes to that spot on stage.

Karen O’Mahony, Rainbow Club for kids with ASD.

develop communication and build confidence.

Pippa O’Sullivan (Lily, age 5)

Her confidence and courage have grown so much!

Pat Kelly (Alice, age 12)

turned into a chatterbox since she started the class!

Rose O'Connor (Matthew, age 7)

We had never signed Matthew up for any class or group previously and a friend recommended Konfident Kidz Konnect Communication Course for children on the spectrum. We were delighted that from the very first day Matthew showed great enthusiasm for it, loved the fact that he had some new friends that he would see each week at class and enjoyed interacting with his teacher and peers. Matthew would not have been confident socially but since joining we have noticed a new self confidence in him when interacting with peers, family and even socially with strangers. We do feel that aspects of the Course such as Reading Social Cues, Facial Expressions, and Expressive/ Figurative Language all helped Matthew to unlock his potential and it's a testament to the class and teachers and students that Matthew kept signing up for a new class when the previous one finished! We'd happily recommend this to any child on the spectrum who needs a little help with their communication skills.

Veronique Oudard (age 11)

Really enjoying the acting class, especially the really modern approach, involved in the making of the play as well as the acting. And they're having a lot of fun doing it!

Louise Russell (age 9)

Express yourself, have fun and make new friends! look forward to it every week!

Rachel Feeney

Spent 11 years at Dramatricks

Dramatricks is an open, positive and overall fun place to commence your child's journey in Speech and Drama. The incredible confidence of the teachers naturally influence your performance as a student and your self-esteem in everyday life. I personally felt that I received great individual attention throughout my 11 years there and was nurtured to develop a real passion for drama and the performing arts which will stay with me forever. My time there formed the basis of my communication and presentation skills as emphasis is placed on a student's articulation and successful execution of opinions. Many outlets for my newfound skills were available to me such as Feis Matieu competitions and grade exams in London colleges. A wonderful experience to be sure which has played a huge role in shaping me into who I am today.

Jude Donegan, age 14

When I joined Dramatricks at age 6 I was extremely fortunate to find a fun and safe environment to explore and develop my interest in drama under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers. Dramatricks has provided me with the skills and self confidence required to perform on stage and in competitions. I have taken part in numerous competitions such as Feis Mathew (Cork), attended several auditions for film and stage and performed on stage in the Cork Arts Theatre. With the support and encouragement of Dramtricks I have successfully reached Grade 5 Speech & Drama, The London College of Music (University of West London) and, with the guidance and encouragement of Evaleen Whelton, continue to study towards a Teaching level Qualification.