Let us tell you about ourselves...

Konfident Kidz is the result of over 14 years experience working with children. Parents have often commented on my patience with children. I don’t see it as patience but acceptance and respect.

It is my ambition to instil confidence and develop self esteem in all of our pupils through active participation in classes, workshops,camps, productions , events and also through constant encouragement and praise. Every child is unique and has his/her own talents and capabilities which we love to nourish and enhance through our various programs.

Having co founded Dramatricks in 2003 it is now my dream to expand our range of services in my new company Konfident Kidz. Many parents enrolled their kids in our classes for the benefits that Speech & Drama offers. These benefits are huge and noteworthy but I wanted to take it further so now I'm using dramatic techniques & oratory skills to create a new range of services. Using techniques with proven results I am incorporating my original ideas into a range of classes, camps, courses & events which offer great benefits with regards to confidence, self expression & communicative skills.

We now offer a range of classes and courses uniquely designed to help children with self expression, communication, social interaction and self belief.

Dramatricks Speech & Drama classes will continue to operate under Dramatricks @ Konfident Kidz. We have now added Just Act classes and InterAct classes under this name.

We also offer courses in communication and have designed a very specific communication class for children with Aspergers and kids on the spectrum. These classes may also benefit kids with sensory processing issues.

You may notice that we leave out the word "disorder" in all of our descriptions, that is because we don't like the word "disorder", we appreciate that people’s brains are wired differently and that’s it! We just want every child who enters our classes/courses etc to leave a more confident, happy and self assured kid who can articulate their own thoughts, feelings, needs & wants in a way that everyone understands.

At Konfident Kidz we really love to encourage talent & the individuality to shine!

What we want to achieve with your child

  • Bring out his talents while having fun

  • Help her to communicate clearly with poise, confidence & ease

  • Help him to understand others & make new friends

  • Help her to believe in her own ideas & thoughts & how to articulate them well

  • Encourage him to realise his potential

  • Help her to organise her thoughts to lead to effective problem-solving & planning

  • Work as a valuable part of a team

  • Help him to understand speech & language