Social thinking skills must be directly taught to children and adults with ASD. Doing so opens doors of social understandings in all areas of life.

– Temple Grandin –

Our program teaches social skills to kids with ASD. We teach in a way that kids with ASD enjoy and learn through drama.

It is the first course of its kind and was developed over 15 years with in-depth research & experi-ence.

When a child receives a diagnosis sometimes we forget about teaching them. The focus is on therapies. Our program is not a therapy. We are not therapists. At Konfident Kidz we are teachers who adapt our approach so that we can teach children with ASD about social skills.

– Evaleen Whelton Program Creator & Founder of Konfident Kidz.

Our Konnect Program has been running since 2015 and it has received great feedback. Every child has a different starting point but every parent of children who completed the 30 week program felt it was a positive experience for their child.

  • Every child engaged more with peers and adults
  • Every child grew in confidence
  • Every child improved his/her social skills in general

For 5-7years we teach kids about :

  • How AMAZING they are themselves!
  • Basic social interactions
  • Showing interest in others
  • Teamwork
  • Turn taking
  • Listening & concentrating
  • Starting & continuing conversations
  • Conversations as a two-way activity
  • Staying on topic
  • Emotions
  • Volume Control & Use of voice
  • Reading social cues
  • How to communicate best
  • Literal & Figurative use of language

The Program is accompanied by our Konnect Workbook. This workbook shows parents what we cover each week so that they can always have an integral part in their child’s learning.

For 8-12 yrs we teach kids about:

  • Believing in themselves
  • Social Interactions with peers, strangers, adults.
  • Showing interest in others
  • Working together
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Other People’s Perspectives
  • Sarcasm, figurative speech
  • The voice & how we use it
  • Non- Verbal Communication
  • Developing good friendships
  • Methods to improve concentration
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Recognising Social Mistakes
  • Coping with Social Mistakes

We are currently working on a drama program for non verbal children or for children whose language skills aren’t strong enough yet for our Konnect Program. Register your interest by emailing us here.

2018 / 2019 Konnect Communication Class Timetable

DayVenueTimeAge group
TuesdayMidleton5.15pm - 6.00pm5 to 7 years
TuesdayMidleton6.15pm - 7.00pm8 to 12 years
WednesdayBishopstown4.30pm - 5.15pm5 to 7 years
WednesdayBishopstown5.15pm - 6.00pm8 to 12 years
SaturdayBallincollig2.15 pm
SaturdaySarsfield GAA Club10.15am5 to 7 years
SaturdaySarsfield GAA Club11.45 am8 to 12 years

Class Pricing

250per term

Deposit €100 with balance due in Sept

  • Term 1 – Sept to Dec – €250
  • Term 2 – Jan to Jun – €250
  • 10% discount off this class or any of our other classes for the second and each subsequent child from the same family
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He’s opening up more, talking about his feelings. He now tells us stories from school and elaborates on his school day.

Mohammad, 8

She turned into a chatterbox since starting the program.

Alice, 12

His teachers have even commented on the change in him. He is volunteering more information in school.

Mark, 5 1/2

His resource teacher found the handouts really useful.

Ryan, 6

We had never signed Matthew up for any class or group previously and a friend recommended Konfident Kidz Konnect Communication Course for children on the spectrum. We were delighted that from the very first day Matthew showed great enthusiasm for it, loved the fact that he had some new friends that he would see each week at class and enjoyed interacting with his teacher and peers. Matthew would not have been confident socially but since joining we have noticed a new self confidence in him when interacting with peers, family and even socially with strangers. We do feel that aspects of the Course such as Reading Social Cues, Facial Expressions, and Expres-sive/Figurative Language all helped Matthew to unlock his potential and it's a testament to the class and teachers and students that Matthew kept signing up for a new class when the previous one fin-ished! We'd happily recommend this to any child on the spectrum who needs a little help with their communication skills.

Matthew, age 7

Children do not need a diagnosis to attend our Konnect Program.

What happens if my child doesn’t take to the class?
We give everyone 2 weeks to see if they like the class. If not we offer a refund for remainder of term less 20% admin fee.